Sanya Lopez shares her secret on how she deals with pimple breakouts.

Benefits of Eslite

  • Has S-Acetyl Glutathione that is three times more effective than regular glutathione

  • Made with superoxide dismutase found in melons to improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and dark spots

  • Safe and is approved by the FDA


  • Second time ordering eslite glutathione. This glutathione contains the simplest but the most powerful ingredients/antioxidants namely s-acetyl gluta and superoxide dismutase. It gives me maximum radiance; helps me maintain a healthy, pimple-free and glowing skin; and boosts my immune system.

    —Riva on Shopee

  • I received my Eslite in good condition. I’ve been taking it for 2 days now and I can already see my skin improve. The effects as of now is my skin is becoming clearer and clearer. Then maybe soon it will whiten. Thanks, Eslite.

    —Marc on Shopee

  • The only glutathione you can see the effect in as early as 2 weeks. The good thing about this aside from the whitening effect is the quality of sleep is much better. You wake up recharged. Bravo Eslite!!!!

    —iris on lazada

  • Legit ung effect nito 😘😘😘 Lakas maka blooming ..good packaging din thank u po 😘 will order again 😊

    -- Marylinolisa on Shopee

  • The best gluta brand so far. I have tried a lot including the one with the same generic name (in pink bottle) but this delivers more result. Worth the price. Looking forward for a sale though. Thank u, Eslite. Down to my 3rd bottle now. This never fails my expectations. Super nice 🥰

    -- Shopee Buyer

  • Satisfied Customer.. i take a week ago and its good. no rushes, not palpitating.. hope within one month its totally improve my complexion.. Gandang Sanya Lopes too.. Thank You Eslite!

    -- Lazada Buyer